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Anger Management

I offer anger management services incorporating alternative conflict strategies and dispute resolution.

Increasing numbers of people are coming to recognise that they experience some difficulties and problems with anger. For some it is a problem with their own anger, for some others the challenge lies with how they are affected by other people’s anger and for some it is a mixture of both.

Some people experience themselves as having a ‘hair trigger’ and find themselves flying off the handle in situations which may ultimately cause them great difficulties in a range of situations both at home and at work.

Feelings of irritation and aggravation can rapidly escalate into explosions of aggression, abusive language and sometimes violence.

Some others find the idea of anger, their own or someone else’s, to be terrifying and ideally avoided at all costs.

Relationships often suffer greatly as a result of inappropriate or excessive expression of anger arising from a situation which could almost certainly be better dealt with and resolved in a different way.

Work place situations may be potential hot spots for anger outbursts which may have longer term drastic consequences.

Excessive criticism, sarcasm and humiliation may all be manifestations of anger as may be withdrawing, sulking, grudge bearing and depression.

At a deep psychological level, anger is often an expression of a need which is in some way not being met; how that anger is ultimately expressed may be the source of some fairly major problems.

Unexpressed or ‘locked in’ anger is commonly believed to be a contributing factor in a number of physical illnesses including asthma, eczema, IBS and digestive disorders, compulsive/emotional overeating as well as playing a part in many peoples addictions and addictive behaviours.

I am experienced and trained in a wide range of social, domestic and workplace anger management situations with individuals, couples and groups. I offer a tailor made solution to which ever problem with anger you are currently facing.


“Depression is frozen anger”

Sigmund Freud

​“Anger makes dull men witty, but it keeps them poor”

Francis Bacon

“Anger, which maketh man’s worst misery”


“Anger is a brief lunacy”


“Anger is an energy”

Johnny Rotten, The Sex Pistols