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Counselling Course

I teach an ABC Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills at St. Vincent College, Gosport, Hampshire.  This evening course is ideal for anyone who wants to develop their counselling, communication and interpersonal skills.

Counselling Skills Course

This ABC Level 3 Certificate course in counselling skills is ideal for teachers, nurses, managers, caring professions, job seekers, health and education support staff and anyone wishing to develop their counselling, communication and interpersonal skills.

What will you get?

An increased confidence and competence in using a range of counselling, communication and interpersonal skills including:

  • Active listening
  • Effective questioning
  • Managing anger and anxiety
  • Conflict resolution
  • Parenting and relationship skills
  • An increased awareness of yourself and how you interact with others in a range of workplace, family, social and professional settings.
  • An overview of a selection of theoretical models of counselling and a more in depth understanding of a chosen approach.
  • Increased assertiveness, confidence and competence in many day to day situations.
  • An interesting learning experience with a diverse group of stimulating adults.
  • An opportunity to revisit and re-evaluate distressing experiences from the past with a view to minimising their impact upon current lifestyle and relationships.

“The skills are useful and the theory is interesting but my biggest gain was in myself confidence and abilities to express myself in a range of previously frightening situations”

C, 42, teacher

“Whilst I realised counselling is not the career for me, I have found the skills and wisdom I gained very handy in a range of settings at work and at home”

K, 58, support worker and care manager


R, 24, recovering addict and now trainee counsellor

Where will I use what I learn?

The ABC Level 3 Certificate is an internationally recognised qualification which may be the doorway to further training in counselling, psychotherapy and a wide range of other fields of work and employment.

Previous course participants report find their learning useful in conversations at home and at work. Interviews and other potentially challenging situations have become more skillfully managed. Relationships with family, friends and colleagues have improved sometimes beyond recognition.

Who is this course for?

We have had a very wide range of participants on previous courses which have included teachers, educational support workers, social workers, care and support staff, nurses, managers, business entrepreneurs, sole traders, police officers, recovering addicts, unwaged adults seeking employment and people wishing to make career changes and transitions.

“I got much more from this course than I had expected and was able to use stuff in lots of different areas which still surprises me! I’ve also been able to manage some tricky HR situations more successfully and cost effectively”

M, 55, Business owner and social entrepreneur

When does the course take place?

It runs over  28 Thursday evenings (term time) 6.30 to 9.30 between April and December, plus three weekends.

Who teaches the course?

Jeff Lane and Simon Halford have been running and teaching counselling skills course at St Vincent College since 1998. They each maintain private counselling and psychotherapy practises and are registered and accredited with BACP, UKCP and COSRAT. They are also both widely experienced in counselling and psychotherapy.

“Jeff and Simon were able to manage a huge range of differences and diversity, a skill I have found invaluable in my subsequent career in Social Work”

G, 40, lone parent now trained Social Worker

Where does the course takes place?

St Vincent College, Mill Lane, Gosport, Hants, PO12 4QA

What is the cost?

The 2019 price of the course was £150 (£115 + £35 accreditation).  Please contact me for up to date price information.

Course Dates

Please telephone 023 9278 2987 or contact me via email for further details.