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Couples & Relationships

I have a particular interest in working with couples at any and every stage in their relationship from very early days right thorough to helping facilitate as amicable seperation as possible if that is what they both want.

Couples work provides a supportive, constructive and confidential environment in which you can think about problems and talk over ways to address them. The focus in couples work is on the relationship and improving difficulties in communication or resolving differences between people. 

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling can help with a whole range of issues. Whether you’re trying to work through a difficult situation with your partner or want help maintaining a happy relationship and family life. Talking things over with a counsellor can make a real difference.

This service is for everyone, regardless of whether they’re married, single, living together or apart, straight or gay.

Relationship & Couples Therapy

Relationship and Couples therapy can be beneficial in managing…

  • Communication
  • Relationship difficulties.
  • Resolving differences.
  • Managing Crisis.
  • Managing life after infidelity.
  • Helping couples to understand how outdated patterns of behaviour and beliefs no longer support the partnership.
  • Helping both parties explore new ways to support each other and move on.
  • Amicable separations.