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Mediation is an alternative process for resolution of disputes. It is a method of conflict management, in which parties are encouraged to come together in a safe and managed environment to explore and resolve differences.

Mediation for Families and couples

As a mediator and facilitator, my experience is both with couples and family situations. Mediation is generally regarded as a more cost effective, quicker and less stressful route to achieving resolutions than other routes such as litigation.

Mediation for Organisations

I also work in organisations with teams in conflict or with business experiencing poor and damaging communication problems. Through this work with organisations I can provide an enlightened approach to effectiveness and enjoyment of the workplace by…

  • Supporting organisations through change.
  • Managing conflict between individuals and teams.
  • Enabling effective communication.
  • Tapping in to team creativity.
  • Team Building.
  • Enabling people to seek satisfaction and fulfillment in their work and workplace settings.
  • Empowering individuals and teams to remove barriers to success.

“Work is more fun than fun.”

Noel Coward